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How to apply Ecodesign?

Mar 12, 2013

The Europump workshop on "How to apply Ecodesign Regulations in the pump industry?” took place on 7 March 2013 in Brussels, Belgium. It was aimed at pump manufacturers and users to explain the ins and outs of the regulations on circulators and water pumps

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Welcome address by Europump President, Dr Sönke Brodersen, Senior Vice President, KSB

Ecodesign regulations: what is the reasoning behind them? What are the challenges ahead? by Ismo Gronroos-Saikkala,  Head of Sector, Energy efficiency of products, Energy Directorate General, European Commission.

Ecopump work by Europump : how the concepts of “house of efficiency” and “Extended Product Approach” were developed and what they meant for ecodesign developments by Professor Bernd Stoffel, University of Darmstadt representative + Frank Ennenbach, Europump Standards Commission Chairperson, Sulzer Pumps

Questions and answers

Circulators: How to apply European Commission Regulation 641/2009/EC and the amendment 622/2012/EC with regard to ecodesign requirements for circulators what is in the Regulation? What is in the standard? Which Guidelines are available from the EC and Europump? Examples of application of the Regulation  by Dr Niels Bidstrup, Grundfos, Europump, CEN/TC 197/WG 2 Chairperson Marcos Gonzalez-Alvarez, Policy Officer , Energy efficiency of products, Energy Directorate General, European Commission 

Water Pumps: How to apply European Commission Regulation 547/2012/EC implementing Directive 2009/125/EC with regard to ecodesign requirements for water pumps: what is in the Regulation? What is in the standard? Which Guidelines are available from the EC and Europump? Examples of application of the Regulation  by Markus Teepe, WILO, Europump, CEN/TC 197/WG 1 Chairperson Ruben Kubiak, Policy Officer, Energy Directorate General, European Commission

Closure by Europump President, Dr Sönke Brodersen, Senior Vice President, KSB

The programme can be downloaded here as a pdf


 Dr.Sönke Brodersen has been Head of Research of the KSB Group since 2008. After he joined KSB in 1990, he filled several positions at different sites. Brodersen studied at the Technical University of Braunschweig where he also obtained his PhD in the field of mechanical engineering. Following this, he became faculty associate at Arizona State University and was granted a fellowship by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. Since 2009 Brodersen is Chairman of the German VDMA Pump Manufacturer Association.

Mr Grönroos-Saikkala is a Commission official since 1996 with experience in developing and implementing employment and energy programmes. He has also developed communication activities on energy efficiency and renewable energy and drafted Ecodesign and Energy Labelling implementing legislation. Currently, Mr Grönroos-Saikkala is responsible for product policy in the Energy Efficiency Unit in the Directorate-General for Energy.  

Prof. Dr. Ing. Stoffel specialises in turbo machinery, especially pumps, aspects of energy  efficiency, cavitation, operation, testing and control, and standardisation. He started his career as Scientific Assistant at Karlsruhe University of Technology and gained experience in various R&D positions at KSB. He has worked for Darmstadt University of Technology as Full Professor and Head of the Institute of Turbo Machinery and Fluid Power for more than 25 years.

Frank Ennenbach, Dipl. Ing. Chemical Process Engineering, since 1982 active within the pump industry. He is working for Sulzer Pump Solutions for 29 years and is currently its Director of Product Safety and Regulation. He serves as member and chairperson of several DIN, CEN and ISO working groups and since 2002 is chairperson of the Europump Standards Commission. As such he is in charge of the liaison to the European Commission on all matters of the Energy related Products Directive

Marcos González joined the European Commission in March 2012, he is working in the energy efficiency unit of the Directorate General for Energy since then where he is in charge of different product groups, including electric motors, fans and lot 28 preparatory study on pumps, within the Ecodesign team. He is also in charge of the coordination of the standardisation needs within the unit. Before joining the Commission he has worked for the Spanish Energy Agency where he was in charge of the transposition of the Energy Performance in Buildings Directive. He has also worked as consultant specialised in energy efficiency in Madrid and London.

Dr. Niels Bidstrup is Chief Engineer at Grundfos Management in Denmark. He has a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and a Ph. D. in Control Engineering. He has worked with Energy efficiency of circulator pumps for 18 years. He is technical expert in CEN/TC 228 – Water based heating systems, CEN/TC 197 – Pumps -Rotodynamic pumps, CENELEC/TC 22x WG6 - Power Drive Systems. He is member of ASHRAE and the past Chairman of ASHRAE TC 6.1- Hydronic and steam heating equipment and systems. He is chairman of Europump WG – EuP Circulators

Markus Teepe is 39 years old. He is a physicist with a diploma from Dortmund, Germany. He worked for several years for a company developing devices for gas spectrometers and has been in the pump business at WILO SE for the past 5 years. He is the WILO SE representative on regulations with several Associations. He is one of the German delegates on CEN TC 197. He has been involved in EuP pump regulations from the very first stakeholder meeting under LOT 11 (~4 years).