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Guides and Guidelines

Europump ATEX Guide (2019)

This Europump Guide is a free guide and intends to help the pump industry and its customers to understand and apply the EC Directive 2014/34/EU “ATEX.

You can download it here: Part I + Part II

Hydraulic Institute White Paper (2018)

This White Paper on “Understanding the Effects of Selecting a Pump Performance Test Acceptance Grade” was produced in cooperation with Europump

You can download it here.


How the pump industry can deliver mammoth energy savings

Europump’s energy commitment is based on academic research, made possible by the Ecopump programme. Ecopump has been Europump’s flagship project since 2004. In 2015 the Ecopump brochure was revamped.

In four clear and to-the-point fact sheets it explains the energy commitment of the European pump industry as well as the underpinning methodology it has designed.

You can download it here.

Summary in a nutshell

We distinguish three ways of defining the best energy efficiency and/or energy consumption:

Product, Extended Product and Systems.

No matter what circumstance, on each of these three levels (or ‘approaches’), the suitability of a pump application ought to be assessedAs a universal rule, we keep in mind three key conditions:
- the liquid end of our products should meet minimum efficiency levels
- product savings are optimised through the extended product approach which factors in the controlling of our products
- the installed base must be assessed to ensure that efficient products are installed into efficient systems.

A fourth fact sheet was added to highlight the most recently deployed initiative by Europump, the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) initiative. This is important as for example we are the only mechanical industry group that is engaged in tracking, together with the consultants to the European Commission DG Environment, the Product Environmental Footprint initiative.


Europump and Professor (retired) Bernd Stoffel (Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany) have published a handbook ‘Assessing the energy efficiency of pumps and pump units. Background and methodology’.

This handbook represents the decades-long effort of the Europump Joint Working Group on energy-using products. It was officially presented at the Europump General Assembly on 9 May 2015. Upon receiving the first book from the hands of Mr Carlo Banfi, Europump President, Professor Stoffel summarised for the audience that the work consolidates the research that Europump and Darmstadt University of Technology performed to prepare the calculations and methodology that underpin EU Ecodesign regulations. The book also touches upon the important roles of standardisation and the Semi-Analytical Model, which calibrates mathematical calculations with tests.

It is the first book available providing the background, methodology and assessment tools for understanding and calculating energy efficiency for pumps and extended products (pumps+motors+drives). Responding to new EU requirements for pump efficiency and US Department of Energy exploratory work in setting pump energy efficiency guidelines, this book provides explanation, derivation and illustration of Product Approach and Extended Product Approach methods for assessing energy efficiency. It surveys legislation related to pump energy efficiencies, provides background on pump and motor efficiencies, and describes the concept of the Energy Efficiency Index for circulators and single- and multi-pump systems.

The book is now available at Elsevier at this link. The price is EUR 90.95 (Europump members receive a discount of 30%).


The pump industry has investigated the current requirements from the construction industry to achieve BIM Level 2 acceptance. The conclusion was to develop a template which can then be populated by any pump company.

The purpose of the template is to standardise the data required for a product category.

To download a copy of the PDT (Product Data Template) please click here.

It is believed that this PDT (Product Data Template) for pumps will meet the requirements of the Building Services and MEPH (Mechanical, Electrical & Public Health) sectors.



The diversity of standards applicable to the pump industry is probably greater on the subject of vibration than any other field. These standards can appear to be conflicting in that they present machine vibration limits in different ways and with different limiting values.

The aim of this guideline is to present, in one document, the essential points of each standard and to explain where each standard tends to be used.

Click here to download the Guide (First edition - 15 July 2013)



Click here to download the Guide - 27 Oct. 2014


Guideline on the application of Commission Regulation 641/2009/EC and the amendment 622/2012/EC with regard to ecodesign requirements for circulators

November 2015 - version 3.0

The aim of this guideline is to clarify possible questions when implementing the ecodesign requirements for circulators.

Click here to download the Guideline


Europump Guideline on the application of COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 547/2012, implementing Directive 2009/125/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council with regard to ecodesign requirements for water pumps

This document intends to clarify questions which may arise with the entry into force of the water pump regulation EU 547/2012.

Click here to download the guideline (25 October 2012 version)


Europump Guide on Improvement of Reliability of Pumps by Condition Monitoring - Consequences on MTBR/MTBF, July 2012

This guide highlights the importance of “in-service” monitoring of pumping systems through the description of the main parameters to monitor and the ways to acquire them. It also briefly illustrates how they can be effectively processed and analysed to retrieve valuable information on the status of the equipment under surveillance. This guide is for use by operations managers of plants or systems, maintenance engineers, sales and procurement officers, and offers a clear and concise picture of the importance and complexity of a condition monitoring system in an industrial environment.

Click here to download the full guide

EUROPUMP Guideline on the application of Regulation 640/2009/EC on Electric Motor Efficiency - May 2011

This Regulation came into force on 16 June 2011. A significantly large number of motors in wide use will be denied access to the European market due to restrictions related to their energy efficiency. This guideline gives information on the scope for pumps; it clarifies which motor and/or pump types are affected. It is a valuable source of information for pump users who will need to check the design of their products if pumps are integrated.

Click here to download the pdf

EUROPUMP Guideline on Directive 2006/42/EC (New Machinery Directive) - May 2011

The New Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC came into force on 30 December 2009. It brought some changes which affect the pump industry. The revised definition of "machinery" led to the biggest change in conformity assessment for years. Changes on the fixing of guards and the requirements for documentation were included in the revision. This guideline gives specific support to pump manufacturers and is a valuable addition to the official Guidelines (issued by the European Commission). It gives brief but substantial information and a clear interpretation of the directive’s content.

Click here to download the pdf

EUROPUMP REACH Guide - June 2010

Guideline for the Application of the REACH Regulation 1907/2006/EC

Click here to download the pdf

EUROPUMP Guide to Variable Speed Electro Submersible Pumps - May 2008

A Guide to the Specific Application of VSDs for Borehole and Wet-Well Pumps

Click here to download the pdf

EUROPUMP Guide to the Selection of Rotodynamic Pumps - May 2008

This Guide provides an introduction to the very complex subject of the selection of pumps. It is aimed at anyone who wishes to purchase or select a pump and, at the same time, wishes to save money on their energy bill.

Click here to download the pdf

EUROPUMP Guide on Noise Outdoors - July 2001

Guideline for the application of Directive 2000/14/EC "Noise emission in the environment by equipment for use outdoors" with respect to pumps and pump units

Click here to download the pdf

EUROPUMP Guide on Safety of Electrical, Submersible Motors - June 2001

Click here to download the pdf

EUROPUMP Guide on ATEX - January 2008 + UPDATED PART II November 2012 

Guideline for the application of Directive 94/9/EC "Equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres" with respect to pumps and pump units

Click here to download the pdf Part I

Click here to download the pdf Part II

EUROPUMP Guide on EMC - June 1996

Guideline on the application of the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 89/336/EEC to pump units

Click here to download the pdf

EUROPUMP Guide on Machinery - February 1995

Guideline on the Machinery Directive 89/392/EEC of 14 June 1989 on the approximation of the laws of the member states relating to machinery considering the following amending Directives: 91/368/EEC of 20 June 1991 amending Directive 89/392/EEC on the approximation of the laws of the Member States relating to machinery, 93/44/EEC of 14 June 1993 amending Directive 89/392/EEC on the approximation of the laws of the Member States relating to machinery, CE Marking Directive 93/68/EEC  

Click here to download the pdf