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Europump 2017 Annual Meeting in Bodrum

Aug 9, 2017


The 2017 Europump Annual Meeting took place in Bodrum, Turkey from 17 to 20 May.


Before the Gala Dinner on Xanadu Island


Incoming President (Martijn van den Born), Outgoing President (Kutlu Karavelioğlu) and Secretary General (Pierre Lucas)


Meeting of the Executive Council


The National Secretaries Group


Meeting of the Blueprint Working Group


President Karavelioğlu thanks Ambassador Erkmenoğlu after his lecture
(see summary here)


Kutlu Karavelioğlu passes the Europump Presidency to Martijn van den Born


New President van den Born thanks the BPMA’s Brian Huxley
for his outstanding contribution to Europump


Michael Michaud, Executive Director of the Hydraulic Institute,
gives a presentation on HI activities


Europump Members at the 2017 General Assembly


Europump Members at the 2017 General Assembly