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Ecopump brochure

How the pump industry can deliver mammoth energy savings

Europump’s energy commitment is based on academic research, made possible by the Ecopump programme. Ecopump has been Europump’s flagship project since 2004. In 2015 the Ecopump brochure was revamped.

In four clear and to-the-point fact sheets it explains the energy commitment of the European pump industry as well as the underpinning methodology it has designed.

Summary in a nutshell

We distinguish three ways of defining the best energy efficiency and/or energy consumption:

Product, Extended Product and Systems.

No matter what circumstance, on each of these three levels (or ‘approaches’), the suitability of a pump application ought to be assessed.

As a universal rule, we keep in mind three key conditions:
- the liquid end of our products should meet minimum efficiency levels
- product savings are optimised through the extended product approach which factors in the controlling of our products
- the installed base must be assessed to ensure that efficient products are installed into efficient systems.

A fourth fact sheet was added to highlight the most recently deployed initiative by Europump, the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) initiative. This is important as for example we are the only mechanical industry group that is engaged in tracking, together with the consultants to the European Commission DG Environment, the Product Environmental Footprint initiative.