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17 July 2013 - The long awaited EUROPUMP guidelines on pump vibration standards are available on the Europump website.

The Europump Technical Commission has just published its guidelines on pump vibration standards, available for free on the Europump website. The guidelines present the essential points of each standard and explain where each standard tends to be used.

“Customers, standards organisations and our industry have been waiting for these guidelines for a long time. I am pleased to say that they are now finalised and publicly available” says Jean-Claude Bouricet, Chairman of the Europump Technical Commission. “The guidelines will help customers choose the right standards for the right application and consequently lower the cost of pumps by avoiding over-specification,” he adds. “I am grateful for the support of the Committee members and I especially would like to thank John Bower who did a tremendous job in drafting these guidelines”.

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19 June 2013 - Carlo Banfi elected new Europump President.

Carlo Banfi, Managing Director of Sterling Fluid Systems (Italy) and President of Assopompe, the Italian Pump Manufacturers Association, is the new Europump President. He was elected President in Prague, the Czech Republic, in replacement of Dr. Sönke Brodersen.

“I am very honoured to have been elected Europump President” says Mr Banfi. “I have been active within Europump for more than a decade, initially as the SME Commission Chairperson and then as Europump Vice-President. I am pleased to have been the catalyst of many encounters and business discoveries. As a natural progression I will now be leading the way for the association as its President. I will defend and promote our industry in this crucial phase, when energy and resource efficiency, global competition and the economic crisis are challenging us. Europump has grown as a mature and strong organisation in the past few years. I will build on this heritage and make Europump even stronger.”

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12 March 2013 - The Europump conference on Ecodesign attracted many delegates from industry, national and European public authorities and NGOs

During the discussion on the water pump regulation, market surveillance, the circulators regulation and what's in store for 2013, some significant statements emerged: what is in the Regulation supersedes all other texts; there is a need to involve users in the discussions; National Associations can assist companies if they have questions.

Dr Sönke Brodersen, Europump President said: “I am pleased that so many people attended the event and that so many questions were asked and discussed. There was a need to better understand the regulations and this event fulfilled that need. Delegates could see the quality of work delivered by Europump over the past few years and I trust that this will encourage more people to participate in Europump working group. We need more active members as we are working on lots 28 and 29 for water pumps and wastewater pumps.” .

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22 January 2013 -All speakers confirmed for the Europump conference on how to apply Ecodesign regulations scheduled for 7 March 2013!

Three representatives of the European Commission have agreed to speak to the industry. The conference aims to help European pump manufacturers implement correctly the Ecodesign regulations for water pumps and circulators.

The conference will bring together various stakeholders (European Commission, pump manufacturers, CEN Working Group Chairpersons) to discuss openly the implementation of the Ecodesign regulations for water pumps and circulators.

The meeting will take place in Brussels, Belgium from 10:00 to 16:30 on 7 March 2013. The morning session will focus on the general aspects of Ecodesign with one speech by Mr Gronroos-Saikkala from the European Commission and another by Professor Stoffel from the University of Darmstadt. During the afternoon, two breakout sessions will discuss how to apply the European Commission Regulations for circulators and water pumps. These sessions will look in detail at what is in the Regulations and standards. Mr Kubiak and Mr Gonzalez-Alvarez from the European Commission, together with Dr Bidstrup and Mr Teepe in their capacity as CEN Chairpersons, will explain which guidelines are available from the European Commission and Europump and explore their content.